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Recent Comments from the Guest Book:
  • Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We truly enjoyed our stay here.  This is a kind volunteer staff who go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome.  Again, thank you.  (Minanda)
  • Thank you for your awesome hospitality. I really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend it to my friends.  Will definitely be back. (Eli)
  • As usual, I was honored by your hospitality. (Jamal)
  • You guys are awesome. Thanks for your hospitality, tea, and great breakfast and great personality.  (Johnny)
  • A wonderful stay at the Guest House. Thank you for your warm hospitality and comfortable accommodation. (Karen and Doug)
  • We had a wonderful time with you. We’ve enjoyed the sharing and conversation at breakfast.  Thank you for everything! (David and Barbara, Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Thank you for the hospitality. The professional, through warm, welcoming atmosphere, delicious breakfasts, sumptuous teas, and interactions with fun-loving guests, well thought out devotionals.  (Arnelia)
  • Very inviting place; I felt almost as though I were home. Thank you for an enjoyable stay.
  • We enjoyed being with you and your guests. We will be back! (Mark and Darlene)
  • Thank you so very much. Nice visiting with you.  See you in Belgium (Annette and Liesbeth)
  • It has been wonderful to stay here – such interesting conversations, wonderful people to meet, great food for body, mind and soul! Thank you so much it has been a real pleasure (Anne, Rachel & Kara)
  • It was special to spend this historic time with you – with continuing friendship of you Christian brothers in Canada (Mike and Will)
  • Well, I’m not sure what I expected when I reserved a space at the IGH, but my experience has FAR exceeded expectations. The warmth was a balm during the election results and encouragement as I set out on my business each day.  I am so grateful that you all have this house.  I learned, fellow-shipped, ate so well at breakfast and slept like a brick. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you. (Coretta)
  • I felt very much at home. Very clean.  Everyone was so friendly.  Feels like God’s presence in this place.  Hope to come back again.  (Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Oh dear friends, we so enjoyed our stay. Your kindness, evening tea time, pleasant disposition and all!  Blessings! (Gabe and Theresa)
  • Always a special treat to stay here! A nice way to travel and still feel at home. Thanks for your generosity and kindness.  (Austin, TX)
  • Thanks for your great work here. What a fantastic oasis of hospitality.  Thank you for living out Romans 12 so well: let love be genuine.  Yours in Christ (New Zealand)
  • What a blessed house you have here! God bless you all!! Thanks for a lovely stay.  Wishing you my best this day.  (Luisa)
  • How wonderful to spend and enjoy Thanksgiving with friends. It’s almost a tradition for me having lived next door to the International Guest House.  It made for a wonderful memory to cherish.  (Vi)
  • Thank you for your ministry of hospitality! Greetings from a grateful Quaker (Kim)
  • Thank you for the blessing of Christian fellowship – conversation, food, prayer, song. Great to return after 30 years.  (Mike and Mary)
  • The place is exceptionally clean.   Thanks for accepting me here.  (South Africa)
  • Home away from home.  It was warm and friendly as usual. (Germany)
  • Thanks for your hospitality and the tea time.  After 16 years, I find this place as inspiring as always.  God bless you! (Columbia)
  • A real haven in a busy city. (Carole)
  • Two words would describe this Guest House, ‘Family House’. This is what I felt in this place. Each time I came back I told myself ‘Home Sweet Home’. Thank you for a wonderful time. (Israel)
  • Your house is the nicest place I have visited in the USA. There is something Very Special in the air. Thank you. (Czech Republic)
  • We had a delightful experience here for three days, particularly socializing with some fascinating people from Taiwan, France, Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere. Your hospitality is supreme, and we so enjoy the social hour at 9:00 PM. The ping-pong expertise here is incredible! Thanks. (Thom & Will)
  • The people of the house, the staff and the guest are great! The facilities are nice too! I had a pleasant time here and I’ll recommend this place and DC to everyone. (Denmark)

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